When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; And through the rivers, they will not overflow you. Isaiah 43:2

Friday, June 11, 2010

To Overnight or Not To Overnight

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Sometimes my hubby and I just have to get away to discuss anything important that takes more than 15 minutes. Our kids, bless their little hearts, see two parents, semi-sedentary, and can't control their little mouths.

Scott: So, I've been thinking...

Wyatt: Daddy, daddy, excuse me!!!

Scott: Yes?

Wyatt: I've been thinking, thinking, I've been thinking...that we should go...go to...go to..the swing park tomorrow. (Wyatt stutters.)

Scott: OK, Wyatt, tomorrow, we can go. (returning focus to me) I've been thinking about the moving process and renovating the house...

Kya: Mommy, excuse me, I'm soooo thirsty...

And so it goes.

So, we are at a hotel tonight, working on leases and getting things in order for our big move!! Eek, I'm so excited.

Rewind several hours...

Me: I hate going on overnights! There is so much to do--meals, cleaning, preparation, packing, lists, AGH! I NEVER WANT TO DO THIS AGAIN (tears rolling down my face, words barely discernible)!!!

Scott: Ok honey, just tell me how I can help.

Me: YOU CAN'T!!! (Blubber blubber, pity party ensues, children cower in the corner. Incidentally, "You can't!" means: "You should already know and why can't you just read my mind and get everything prepared for me????!!!!! I'm nine months pregnant for goodness sake!")

But, now we are happily in our very comfy Four Points Sheraton room watching stupid TV and blogging and talking about our future and the baby (while I have periodic contractions--Braxton Hicks totally hurt by the way; LIARS ALL YOU WHO SAY THEY ARE PAINLESS!!!)

And it is all good.

Why do I do this EVERY time???

Is it worth it? Once we're here, yes. I still hate the preparation, the worry, the having someone in my home looking at the fur balls, dust, laundry, lack of perfect organization...

But there is nothing like reconnecting with your spouse, and with three kids (soon to be four) under the age of five, parading around our home, it is the ONLY way we will stay connected, in love, passionate, and civil with one another. And that's really really important to me.

Do you date night? Overnight? Do you stress the preparation for it like I do?


Cindy said...

So lucky...you get to get away for date nights...over night or not!!:) We don't have any family near and have not tried a babysitter yet. My parents are coming for a visit next week so we will be jumping all over that chance! In the meantime, when our little one is sleeping, we tell the older two that we are going "out". We sit on the front porch to catch up and talk. They know they are only to come outside if they are bleeding or the house is on fire. So far so good! :)
And for the record I would SO be stressing the preparation for overnight help. Especially 9 mo pg!
Enjoy the night

val said...

What a great post! Although I don't have children yet, I find myself wondering how I'll keep it all together because it can sometimes be hard enough now. I love your overnight date night idea. :) Congrats on your upcoming bundle of joy.

Thanks so much for stopping by Friday :) Val!


Janelle said...

Love the post... it gave me a laugh. I feel ya on all the work that goes into getting ready for a trip. Did I read your post correctly? Are you guys moving out of East Bako? I tried to find a post about it but couldn't (I rarely get on the blogs much). Would love catch up one of these days. Also hope all goes well with your new little one coming soon!!! Let us know if we can do anything... if we don't hear from you guys we'll be calling!