When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; And through the rivers, they will not overflow you. Isaiah 43:2

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


There is a lot of life around here--tumbling baby in my belly, teaming bugs in the garden, cats, dogs, and chickens (cats are having hairballs lately--does anyone else think this is THE GROSSEST THING EVER!!?), kids with high hopes for summer fun, husband with new excitement and passion as he shops for a tractor!

Life is good. And busy.

So why do I want to curl up and take a long nap all the time instead of being my normal productivity-oriented self? I haven't even gotten around to refinishing my kitchen table and I LOVE to do stuff like that.

I can't seem to get that ol' nesting instinct going right now either, which is weird for me...

I am actually really looking forward to that hospital stay, when someone else will cook and clean for a short while, and I will sleep deeply in between feedings...ah, best laid plans. Perhaps God is encouraging me to sleep now because there is something very busy and taxing ahead...

A sweet, wonderful lady has come into our lives the past few days to help with the kids and moving. She has made this time in our lives even happier and more wonderful and I just know she is an angel sent by the Lord to help make this all possible.
I know because I was just praying before she called, "Lord, I know you have opened the doors in this whole moving scenario and although I can't see the way a nine month pregnant gal can move an entire family and household, I know you will provide a way so I am refusing to stress out about it."

And then Shelly Ernst called, out of the blue, and said she would love to come by for a few hours to help us. She has been here twice and both times, it was an incredible blessing from God. We know she was sent as a special messenger of service and although it is hard for me to ask for or receive help, it has been such a relief for us to have her humble, hard-working spirit around.

Sometimes, you just can't argue with the fact that something is from God, especially when he provides miraculous ways for things to happpen you never thought were truly possible.

OK Lord, back to sleep I go...


Cindy said...

So glad you were given this little angel to help with the HUGE transition your family is going through right now. God is wonderful!

Sleep is a good thing...you're right, maybe it is a little nudge in the needed direction.

I too loved that time in the hospital. Just you, your hubby and the new baby. Pure bliss...till reality hits!!:)
Enjoy the day

brooke said...

You don't feel like nesting because you are too dang tired! It makes perfect sense to me. Go get in your bed right now--sleep every chance you get before this baby gets here!!

I'm so glad this sweet lady is helping you. What a gift!

Lynette said...

Tara, you are about to have a baby and you live where it is hot and miserable right now. You are supposed to be tired. You have a lot going on. Let yourself rest when you can! I am so serious about taking your kids so that you can get stuff done or just rest. You are such a good mommy and wife!!!!
I am glad you had a friend come over and help!!!