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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Feed Jake...

Have you heard that cheesy country song about that dog named Jake? ...If I die before I wake, feed Jake...

...something like that...

Well, it was in my head all day today because when I took the kids outside to play this morning, Jake was just returning from his morning walk (our dog walks himself--it's the coolest thing ever--he runs down the street around the corner into the field, explores and trots around for a good ten minutes or so, poops out there, and then comes home.)

Today, his walk apparently included a detour to a neighbor's breakfast picnic because he came trotting up the sidewalk with the BIGGEST onion bagel I have ever seen.

If it didn't have dog slobber on it, I would have snagged a piece because it looked GOOD. (Incidentally, the slobber didn't stop Caden, who grabbed a chunk off of it from the jaws of the snarling protective beast...Jake never growls, but this must have been a really good bagel, because he did!)

If you're out there oh victim of our dog's pilfering, please let us know so we can replace your bagel!
Thanks for the chuckle Jake. We love you.

1 comment:

Cindy said...

Now that is funny...a dog that walks itself, and looks for snacks along the way! I do know that country song, in fact my mom named her last dog Jake as a tribute!!:)
Thanks for the morning chuckle and the trip down country song memory lane!
Enjoy the day!