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Saturday, January 26, 2008

KCBOB's New Blog Home

Hi all! :)

From now on I will be posting all pics for KCBOB at the new blogsite: http://kcbob.blogspot.com/. That way I can keep family updates/ponderings and kids' couture :) separate! :) Please add the KCBOB blog to your favorites and blog links and tell your friends! I hope you will visit both blogs often. :)

Monday, January 21, 2008

KCBOB Price List

(Add $5 for two matching small bows, one big bow or one headband
UNLESS already included ("Outfits" include bows))
10% discount for MOPS mommies
Large: $5 (2 for $9)
Medium: $4 (2 for $7)
Small: $3 (2 for $5)
(MOPS Price: $3 ea. (2 for $5))
$7 (includes one matching bow)
$5 (headband only)

Applique Sweatshirt (No Hoodie)
Applique Sweatshirt (Hoodie)
Adult Coordinating Sweatshirt (Hoodie)
Applique Onesie
Jumper Dress
Jumper Dress & Ruffle Cuffed Shirt
Ruffle Skirt & Short-Sleeve T-shirt Outfit
Ruffle Skirt & Long-Sleeved T-shirt Outfit
Valentine's Day Outfit
(l/s shirt, pants, bows or headband, and jumper dress)
Easter Outfit
(l/s shirt, pants, bows or headband, and jumper dress or tie back top)
The Kya Outfit
(ruffle pants, l/s shirt, bows or headband, and tie back top)
Applique T-shirt
(w/ruffle sleeves: $18)
Add coordinating ruffle bottom pants
Add coordinating ruffle bottom jeans
Add coordinating denim skirt with ruffle
Bib, "feely square", and matching blanket set
(Baby Shower Special)

Friday, January 18, 2008

The Savannah Valentine's Outfit

This outfit is my latest creation for my friend Steffani's daughter, Savannah. My little Valentine sure had fun modeling it (even though her eyelids are droopy because she needed a NAP!) :) She fell asleep within minutes of this photo. :) You can check out my ETSY store (see link at right) or email me to get a price list! :)

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Wyatt's Latest Photos

Wyatt is Walking!

Well, sort of...the little spiky haired guy takes about two unassisted steps--pretty good for nine months old though! He loves to eat, terrorize the cat, and play ball (we roll it back and forth on the ground--he's not a child athlete prodigy or anything (YET!!!).) He is a momma's boy and cries if I even leave the room to get a bib, but I am assured this is just a phase (Lord, I HOPE so!) He is sleeping through the night MOST of the time now (phew!) and is generally a very happy, curious and loveable little bundle. Hope you all are well and that your bundles are as interesting and inspiring! :) I learn so much about myself (good and bad) from these little critters every day.

Carrot Harvest!

So, we planted some carrot seeds from the 99 cent store in August, and we did what we could, but uh...they turned out a little creepy lookin'. They actually tasted just like...well...carrots...but we couldn't get past the appearance, so we chucked about half of them--especially Mr. Big and Red third from the left. Better luck next year--when perhaps we will actually look up when and how to plant carrots. :) (Kya actually liked them. :))