When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; And through the rivers, they will not overflow you. Isaiah 43:2

Friday, July 18, 2008

Going Green with Melaleuca

In our efforts to "go green" we are in the process of changing all our household purchases to environmentally safe products. This means natural, non-toxic ingredients, less packaging, and more concentrated formulas.

One of the ways we have found to do this is by getting nutritional supplements, household cleaners, bath and body items, makeup and more through an environemntally conscious company called Melaleuca. We find their business model and mission impeccable and are currently enjoying our third month of membership. Although we did pay a fee to become members, we now buy most all items previously purchased at Target or Walmart through this company and have them shipped right to our door (so I don't have to lug the kids around as much as I used to).

Because they do not advertise other than by word of mouth (one way they keep costs down and are able to share revenue with customers), I thought I'd brag on them a bit here on my blog.

In addition to excellent products, Melaleuca is also a revenue sharing company which means that just for referring customers, I get a check each month. For instance, I referred just one customer last month and got a check this month for $19.15. Pretty neat, huh? That covers a big chunk of my purchases from them for the month! Target doesn't do that! :)

You can check out some of the cleaners at http://www.melaleuca.com/ps/index.cfm?f=ps.productList&l1=1&l2=8&l3=1216&sCatId=1216. You can also click on the product store http://www.melaleuca.com/ps/index.cfm to browse some of their 300+ product offerings.

If you want to enroll, the one time membership fee is $29 and you can enroll as a 35 product point member or 75 product point member. That just means you will spend that many points each month. There is no risk because everything has a 100% money back guarantee. PLEASE email us to enroll (hanermom@hotmail.com). This company is truly fabulous!

And GIRLS, the Nicole Miller makeup is FABULOUS! You have to try it even if you don't give a lick about the environment! Her non-toxic long wearing formulas are to die for.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A New Haner Man

After a very fun and lovely ultrasound experience, we found out today we are adding another boy to the Haner fam! We are very excited and thankful. Our prayers were definitely answered!