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Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Nice Country Laundry Room

What am I looking forward to most about our new house in the country?

Well, actually living there in general and honoring God's blessing in providing for our dream, for one. Second, honoring the gracious folks who listened to God's promptings and gave us the chance to live there by taking immaculate care of the house and grounds.

But, on a much more shallow note, I am REALLY looking forward to having a real laundry/mud room, with cabinets and a little area for muddy boots and a pantry...Oh, and room to line up baskets with everyone's names on them...Oh my gosh it is making me have goosebumps all over just thinking about it. I'm sick like that.

See, my current laundry room is just a washer, dryer and about two feet of walk-through space. Things pile up on the washer because it is the last stop before the garage/recycle/trash/compost/chickens, etc. Its very existence makes me want to close the door and avoid it at all costs--which is not good for my family's clean clothing needs.

I am a country cottage decorating kind of gal. It is easy for me to do on a budget, and generally fills our home with light and bright colors and furnishings that actually look even better with a little wear and tear (and my kiddos certainly know how to add that "gently used" look to just about everything!)

My hubby told me (when I asked him and subsequently MADE him answer the question of what kind of decor suited him best) right after we got married that he loved the country feel of many of the B & B's we stayed in in Texas (on our honeymoon.) I think really, he would like the redneck couch and old tires on the front lawn look even more, but that's not happenin' on my watch.

Absent the fat cat, this photo is just about right for our new laundry room decor I reckon. But, what do we think those letters on the bottles stand for?

As a final note, I just read a neat article about taking care of the things we have instead of buying new all the time...eek, no more Target runs when I'm out of clean undies??? Just kidding...I haven't been that wasteful since college.

But seriously, taking care of the clothing with which we've been blessed is part of my homemaking duties, so I'm going to try to complain about it less and enjoy it more!

First step, create me a beautiful laundry room! If you have any ideas for added organization, decor or laundry happiness, please pass them along!


jen said...

My guess is that she refilled these matching jugs with her laundry supplies so they'd all line up symmetrically. Why do I think that? Because I just did something very similar with bleach and stain treater. I'm weird like that too. I just redid my laundry room, and I'm probably going to post it soon.
Fifteen days! New baby and moving? I'm impressed. Just don't lift anything heavy, okay?


With bleach? You are a brave girl, not me! I surely would have ruined my favorite jeans or something trying to poor bleach into a fancy matching container! LOL! So you don't think I should switch around my couches today (again) and move the bunk beds? Shoot. How can I nest properly if I can't move anything heavy!? :)

Lift Up Your Hearts said...

Look at these laundry rooms!! http://www.centsationalgirl.com/2010/05/sudsy-spaces/

Raquel, The Glamorous Life said...

i love this! so cute i want a cute laundry room, getting a laundry room was one of the highlights of moving here for me and mine is tiny

Rhondasue said...

Finally, someone who will use that laundry room the way it was intended. So excited for you. Gives me the giggles. Did you happen to see what Carly wrote on my wall about finding the perfect family for the house? She said "Way to go Bruno" too funny. rs

Cindy said...

Oh my goodness I LOVE laundry rooms too! Ours is still a work in progress, but baskets with names and hooks for coats and backpacks make me swoon too! Can't wait to see your new one.
Enjoy the day

I love the idea of loving what you have instead of buying new..good words to live by