When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; And through the rivers, they will not overflow you. Isaiah 43:2

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Time Management Tips for Busy Mommies!

I've been gone for a while. Well, not gone so much as absent, from Cyberspace. Our computer crashed in a most devastating slow painful way and we just got our new beautiful laptop. Ahhhhhh (me singing operatically.)

I sit here researching uplifting things, reading blogs of old friends I feel I haven't heard from in ages, and smiling inwardly at the silence of my sleeping family! Yes, all of them are currently sleeping! Even daddy! And it's 2:37 pm on a beautiful Fall Sunday. NFL football is on in the background. What could be better?

I just had to share these tips from the Above Rubies website, which I desperately love. These are things we all know, but often forget in the daily grind. Between getting everyone dressed in the morning, chores, meals, meal clean up, doctors' appointments, playdates, MOPS, Bible Studies, kids activities and laundry, I find myself wanting often times to put off until tomorrow what I have taken on daily...the task of bringing up these kids. Bringing up...not just tolerating, managing, or keeping reasonably well fed and clothed...but really bringing them up, teaching them, and training them to be powerfully good people in this scary world.

I am going to read these reminders daily and try to incorporate them into my life. I know I need some help remembering to be an excellent mother, not just a mom who reacts to situations that arise...sometimes reacting with impatience and bitterness.

If you missed the hyperlink above, go to Aboverubies.org, under the heading, "Articles," then the subheading, "Projects for Children," then the sub subheading, "Time Management Tips for Busy Moms."

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Ours will be happier for sure now that we have a working computer! :)