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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

More Pics of Addie

Kya could not wait to hold her sister and she is SO good with her. What a blessing to have a child that can help this time! And one who really likes to help! Kya and Wyatt can't wait to do anything they can to help with their baby sister. And I sure appreciate it.

Talk about a difference in coloring. I know that all my kids kind of have this look when they are born, but in this picture it doesn't even seem possible these two princesses are related:

What am I gonna do with that hair??????

This picture was taken right after she was born and I can almost breathe the moment when I see the picture. There's nothing like that magic moment when you first hold your child.

Skin to skin time. :)


jen said...

I've been waiting for these pictures.
She is absolutely gorgeous! Wow, the hair alone. Scrumptious. Enjoy that newborn time. Evie is 8 months old now, and that time seems so long ago.
Was this the name you had picked out that you were unsure of? Because I absolutely love it. And I wouldn't say it if I didn't mean it.
Congrats, and try to sleep a little!

Lynette said...

Oh, Tara, she is soooo precious and I love seeing her with her big sister. So glad that Kya has a sister. I am bringing you dinner Saturday and I can not wait!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE her name and if we are ever blessed with another baby, I know it will be another girl and I just may steal that name. JOhn likes it too!

Dani said...

That name rocks! Love it!

Aren't you so glad that you know how to make bows? That girl's got the hair to hold them. So awesome.

See you Wednesday with a hopefully scrumptious meal. :)

Love you and your family of 6! Did ya ever think you'd hear that? lol