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Monday, May 24, 2010

Simple Dining

In my urge to purge and simplify, I told Scott (like months ago) that it would be nice to get rid of our hodge podge of cracked, chippped, unpleasant dinner plates and start over with a clean, simple set of white plates, bowls, etc.

I shared with him that I like my meals to be nutritious and yummy, but it would be nice to make a meal that presents well too, and part of that, for me, would be having simple, elegant, white dinnerware...so not essential, just sort of wishful better Homes and Gardens thinking.

So, my wonderful husband went to Salvation Army today and came home with a set of 1o perfect white porcelain (made in Poland NOT China) plates. How much did they cost? They were half price. Original price: $6.24 (FOR TEN PLATES!!!) so we got them for $3.12!

Hip hip hooray!!!!


Cheryl said...


What a sweetie for taking the hint. = )

I've been off blogging for awhile. thought I'd check in! LOVE what you've done with your blog, Tara.

Much love,

Dani said...

Scott rocks!

brandi said...

High Five!!

Lynette said...


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