When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; And through the rivers, they will not overflow you. Isaiah 43:2

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hanermom's Thoughts for the Day

  • I eat too much peanut butter and jelly;
  • Caden is sticking the jelly side of his peanut butter and jelly on his forehead regularly, should I worry?;
  • I am 35 weeks pregnant and feeling pretty darn good;
  • Scott is almost finished with this school year, which is good for everyone, except his students, most of whom are failing, because they simply refuse to do homework or take one ounce of interest in the FREE education they are provided...ugh, I could dwell here, but I'm going to choose to move on;
  • I find myself thinking a lot about not putting others out with our rambunctious, joyful family of almost six; I make a lot of decisions about our activities and company based on these thoughts;
  • Caden likes to use my lip gloss as a pen;
  • Kya constantly amazes me with her insight and sensitivity; she is really one of my best friends and I enjoy her company and conversation a lot;
  • I looooooove the gym; it is a sacrifice financially, but one that I'm so glad we made;
  • I find myself thinking a little more about the fact that this little baby is going to be our last;
  • I am a little nervous about finding a new identity other than the pregnant/nursing mother I have been the past five years;
  • I find myself liking Newt Gingrich more and more;
  • I worry when I use that many "I" statement in a row;
  • We, as a family, have moved into a really wonderful time of service and enjoyment of God's little miracles in our lives; we notice that strange "coincidences" line up directly with prayers and that God is more in charge of our lives than we ever before acknowledged;
  • Wyatt has me worried...he seems sick a lot, and tired. I truly do not like going to the doctor, but may take him in for a once over to ease my mind;
  • We can't decide on a name, but one thing's for sure, we are not sharing our ideas with anybody anymore (except those of you who are supportive no matter what) because people...well...they just don't know how to react to the baby name issue properly in my opinion. If you ask me what we're thinking about, and I tell you, do NOT respond, "well, have you considered________ (fill in the blank with alternate name)?" UNLESS I specifically ask for your input; :) Baby names are so precious and close to the heart of the parents. Don't shoot down love and dreams with your unwelcome opinion! It's mean;
  • Do you think it's possible that God gave me the gift of wanting to be a hermit for a reason or that it's something I need to overcome?
  • I love my new pink cell phone;
  • I am thankful for text messaging--because I'm a hermit and don't really like to talk to people that much;
  • There is not one tiny part of my being that wants to go back to being a lawyer;
  • There is a tiny part of my being that wants to honor my mom and the fact that she really thinks I SHOULD go back to work (my mom doesn't read this blog and knows my feelings on the subject);
  • I wonder if I should stop telling people we are going to homeschool to protect my heart and commitment;
  • Sometimes, I just eat way too much;
  • I love watching Nature on PBS on Sunday nights;
  • I love date night with my husband and wonder how we ever sustained our marriage without it;
  • I adore our babysitter, Debbie. She balances out the rest of the world by her loving, giving nature;
  • I know I seem a little bitter today, but I'm not. I am very happy in our little Haner bubble;
  • Our schedule is reversed from what it used to be, with fun time in the morning, then rest, then chores and I like it sooooo much better--although the chores don't get done quite as well, the fun time we do great at now!
  • Chickens drink a lot of water;
  • No amount of frogs could ever eat the amount of earwigs we have;
  • I worry about the insanity of hormonal fluctuation returning after I give birth; this pregnancy has been such a welcome rest for my family from mommy insanity;
  • I do not miss cable TV;
  • I like to read something inspiring every morning to get me motivated for the day;
  • I am not the funny blogger I once was; I feel more serious and intense these days than I'd like, but it is what it is;
  • God really created my husband just for me; He is the perfect balance for me and I love him so very much;
  • We will never find another dog as great as Jake.


Lynette said...

Tara, this is so fun and we truly do have a lot in common! I am jealous of your pink cell phone!

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous writer you are! I find out so much about you from your blog - your sensitivity, your insights, your YOU! Thanks - for being you! Grammie

Raquel, The Glamorous Life said...

i LOVE this post love it love it!!! i love to learn all the things that are going around in other peoples minds.

Cole said...

Tara, thanks for posting on FB too so I could read this. It's so true how the Lord directs our lives ESPECIALLY when we are prayerful. What a blessing that is! And I agree about people shooting down baby names too. It is MEAN! Hugs! Nicole