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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Our Drink (aka: sugar) Addiction

Have I mentioned that my kids are addicted to beverages?

Well, it's no wonder when we have juice boxes, soda, strawberry milk, lemonade, Crystal Light...my kids are addicts--to SUGAR!

And Crystal Light is no better. Did you know they ban NutraSweet (Aspartame) in other countries because of its toxicity to the human brain and body? EEK!

So, I made a drink chart today. Each child is entitled to three servings of milk a day, one serving of juice and the rest of their beverages for the day have to be ice water. Once the serving boxes have been checked off, they are done for the day with that beverage.

I am also officially (again) not drinking soda anymore. Oh I cringe to even write it...but, it's so bad for me and the baby. I'm going to give her a chance to be Nutrasweet free for these last few weeks.

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Terra said...

Oh, I like the drink chart! My oldest chooses water over all else - and an occaisional gingerale. She doesn't drink enough milk but I am greatful that chooses water...

My youngest drinks a gallon of OJ a week, hates milk (I have to buy the fortified oj to feel ok about my mothering) and LOVES SUGAR DRINKS...Orange pop, koolaid etc. I don't let her have them but once or twice a week...

but a chart could help THEM put things in perspective. I love the idea and plan to tweak it to work for my family! Thanks!!!