When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; And through the rivers, they will not overflow you. Isaiah 43:2

Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Happy Skin Tale

OK, here's my skin story...it's a sad and happy tale.

I am blessed to have oily acne prone skin! Well, blessed and cursed. My mom's genes are awesome. My ninety year old grandma has no wrinkles on her face. It's ridiculous. I wish I had a picture handy of her beautiful face because it really is remarkable. Can't hear for anything, but she has really pretty skin.

Anyhoo, hand in hand with this lovely genetic trait of wrinkle free skin comes extra oil...and acne...and as a special treat, extra acne when you're pregnant (which I have been pretty much for the last five years!)

So, I've tried it all. And sometimes it gets better for a day or two, only to worsen later. I'm not really complaining; I'm just glad I'm a girl and have makeup! :)

But, at Christmas time, my friend and mentor, Dee, made this homemade face wash and gave it to me as a present! When she first gave it to me, I was like, hmmmmmm, this powdery goo is not going anywhere near my face.
This is part of my holdover product name snobbery from the two income household days--if it doesn't cost a fortune and come in a pretty package, it probably is not going to make my skin better...


Since using Dee's magic skin cleanser, my skin has been soft and smoothe (except for the week I couldn't find it because it was packed in my vacation suitcase I neglected to unpack.) That week, I went back to my usual cleansers and sure enough, my yucky skin returned! (I feel like a stupid Proactive commercial, but seriously, this stuff is crazy good.)

So, I told Dee, you must provide me with this skin cleanser forever and you must make it for EVERYONE. God would not want you to keep this from women everywhere. I suppose I could make it myself, but I wouldn't want to risk messing up what she has already perfected.

I have samples if you want some! Basically it's just a powder mixture. When you are ready to cleanse, you add a few drops of warm water until it is a paste and then you scrub it on and rinse it off. Voila!
She dropped some more off with me this week because I was SCARED of running out!!!



Lift Up Your Hearts said...

Oh I'd love to try it! Will you bring a sample to walking next week?

Dimpled Dempseys... said...

Tara, thanks so much for your sweet comments! I'm back in the blog after a loooooooong time away and am discovering it to be a great escape for me while little ones are napping. I came across your KCBOB blog through the blog of a church friend and LOVE all the beautiful clothes! I'm also curious about this homemade skin cream! Like you, I've also been "blessed" with oily skin.

Looking forward to keeping up with you. Blessings, California friend! -Ginger


Hi Ginger! Oh my lovely blessing from God I have been waiting for a confirmation about my FAVORITE choice of girl names (Ginger!) for weeks! And here you are! Of course, if it's a boy, I will have to rethink! ;) I'll send you some skin cleanser when Dee gets it packaged up for me. :) Can't wait to keep up with you my fellow mommy blogger!