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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Loose Weekly Chore & Child Schedule

"For I know the plans I have for you, sayeth the Lord... "

Yes, I know Lord, but here's the deal. I need to have something on the books. I am not good with flexibility and spontaneity--at least unplanned flexibility and spontaneity, so here's MY plan. If you'd like me to do something else on a particular day, I'm open...

I do not really plan the day down to the hour like many of my similarly situated mommy friends. But, I do like to have a focus of the day in terms of cleaning, chores, and children. This way, if one day I feel like something in the house or family is being neglected, I am not tempted to race off and address it right then. I know it (or his/her) day is coming, so the need will be addressed in due time.

The Loose Weekly Chore & Child Schedule:


House Focus: Kya's Room/Laundry Day

Learning Time Focus: Kya

Before Bed: Menu Planning


House Focus: Outdoors/Garden/Pets

Learning Time Focus: Wyatt

Before Bed: Make shopping lists

Wednesday: Mommies Stroller Group Walks in A.M.

House Focus: Errands/Mommy's Room

Learning Time Focus: Kya

Before Bed: Church Night

Thursday: Piano Lessons

House Focus: Bathrooms/Car Wash

Learning Time Focus: Wyatt

Before Bed: DATE NIGHT :)

Friday: Haner Blessing Day

House Focus: Kitchen/Living Room

Learning Time Focus: Caden

Before Bed: Basketball/Sports Outing


House Focus: Entry

Learning Time Focus: Caden

Free Evening

Sunday: Church

House Focus: Backyard/Rest

Rest/Free Time/Visit Family

So this is our basic schedule. We try to address house chores in the morning and learning time in the afternoon before or after rest time. Most days, these are just touchstones to which I turn when my mind is blank and the children are going crazy...i.e.:

Me: "Agh! What should we do today?! Everyone's crying/screaming/running around like madmen!"

Me: "Oh, there's that schedule I made. Maybe I'll go see what that says."

It just makes me feel better to have something written down. As we move toward a more focused homeschooling effort next year, I'm sure the schedule will tighten a bit, but for now, this seems to work. :) What kind of scheduling do you do for your home? Does it work?


Lift Up Your Hearts said...

I don't like following a schedule. My natural bent is spontaneity all the way. However, that leads me into laziness! We do have a daily schedule that is based on time blocks - like, 9-12 schoolwork, 12-1 lunch/play outside, 1-3 quiet time, etc. I'm not good at following it, but like you, it is helpful for me to have it written down so that when things don't seem to be going quite right I can see what we should be doing.

R. Hansen said...

I loved reading this blog Tara! It leads me back to my schedule. I will be reevaluating it this week...and I might even post it here. :-)

mommyof3 said...

once again you have inspired me friend. i right down my daily chores the night before, but i looove the idea of having a day dedicated to a certain area... btw do you teach piano?


Emily-we are so much alike. I know my bent is the same as yours, but I long for routine to stabilize and reign me in.

Rachel-glad to oblige my friend! I know youa nd I share some similarities in this regard as well!

Erin-How are you my friend? So nice to hear from you! I do teach beginning children's piano lessons on Thursdays.

Raquel, The Glamorous Life said...

who is Erin, do you mean Marcee =)

you know i love me a schedule!!! this is great!


Oh Marcee--Soooo sorry. I always get my "joyful mommy of 3" friend confused with "mommy of 3" friend. Raquel-Erin is my hygienist and sewing buddy. :)

Cheryl said...

Great post, Tara! I have been spending the last week honing in on my schedule. I have always been very spontainious but it REALLY gets me in trouble and then I stress out. Having a schedule ...and the feeling that you get when you've accomplished it with the ebb and flow of life ...adventure every day, it feels SO GOOD! Emilie Barnes is my gal on this..."more hours in my day" has been a second Bible to me the last few weeks! = )

Lovely Blog! I LOVE seeing your lovely face in among your LOVELY children.

Cheryl said...

...could I say "LOVELY" more! = )

Crunchy Christian Mom said...

This is just my kind of schedule. :) Sanity preserving, but not too restrictive!


You got it! Sanity preserving questionable.


Cheryl, I will have to check that book out! I have heard of it before, but never read it. More hours in the day sounds nice...except right now, when I can't sleep. Lord, oh Lord, what shall we talk about tonight while I'm awake? Perhaps I'll spend some time praying for all my sweet blog friends. :)