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Sunday, January 24, 2010

It's still not perfect...

After the last hair coloring debacle, you may think I'm crazy to continue doing it myself, but I just will not go to a colorist and pay $75-$100 for what I can do at home for less than $5 (literally.) So, I got out the old color box again today (I had to wait a while for my previous coloring damage to heal), but I tried something new this time...

Yes, I used the EXACT same stupid medium ash blonde. WHY? Well, because I got several boxes of the same color for $1 each after coupons. And, I am too frugal to throw them out...even after the grayish greenish hair debacle...
And I was armed with a new weapon this time so I was hopeful.
(By the way, thank you Jennifer for the oh-so-subtle note and Oprah magazine referencing how to color your hair at home. That's a true friend right there.)

Anyhoo, here's what I did differently this time:


It's the "hairdresser's color insurance," according to the bottle.

After touching up new growth, you add the contents of one of these super cheap little bottles (from Sally's) to the remainder of the color/developer mix, and pull it through hair ends.
This fills the hair shafts that were previously damaged from coloring and prevents them from taking on an entirely different hue than your roots (something that has happened to me on MANY unfortunate occasions.)
I still feel fat and I couldn't find my makeup today (thus the ever so UN glamorous picture above), but my hair is better now I think. And I figured I'd share this little secret in case someone out there in blogosphere is contemplating coloring at home.
Oh, and my husband loves it, which is perhaps the best part of all! (He may just be thankful not to have to explain his wife's strange hair color now, or maybe thankful not to have to foot the bill for salon trips, but either way, he was pleased, and everyone likes a pleased husband.)


Lift Up Your Hearts said...

Hooray for good hair color! I colored mine a few weeks ago at home and thought it was *ok*. Then when I went in to get it done last week I told the guy I may or may not have resigned myself to a box from Target and he said, "mm hmm, I see that. It's green." He said the ash blondes will do that, and I forget why. I bet the protein filler totally helps with that!


Who did you go to? I'm adding highlights tomorrow!

Jennifer Kennedy said...

I have paid $100 for abysmal highlights. More than once. More than twice, even. So going to a salon is no guarantee, either. If you have a link to the Oprah article about coloring your own hair, I'd love to see it! I've never been brave enough to do it myself. My sister is a hair stylist, and she has warned me against it, too. But she's biased. :) I do wish I had gone to the salon while I was pregnant, because it has now been since APRIL 2008. And my baby is NOT into bottles or solids yet, even at 7 months!!

So, who cuts your hair? Do you do it yourself also? Does your husband do it?


LOL! I do cut my own hair as well, with a little help from my mom from time to time. I also cut my husband's hair and all the kids' as well. My husband is so trusting. :) And I think I have finally mastered cutting his hair (after a summer of mishaps, which left him thankful teachers have the summer off to "wear hats.")