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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Off the Bottle and Living Healthy

I pick out books from the library in the following manner:
1. Quickly drive double stroller along the edge of the section of books that has non-kid stuff and pick up whatever I can get my hands on before my kids get antsy and/or start pulling books off the shelves;
2. Quickly take kids to kids' books section before they know mom was doing something at the library not related to entertaining them.
That's how I happened on this little gem. I love the things Mariel has to say about allowing imperfection in your life and enjoying the energy it can bring. I have lost my joy most of the past month or so because I haven't been breathing in the energy of my life. That sounds pretty vague and new-agey, but it's true. I find myself holding my breath or my heart pounding 90% of the day...this is in part uncontrollable since my kids' ages make them prone to death-defying, anger-inducing, destruction-causing activities. What mom wouldn't hold her breath to keep from swearing, screaming, crying, in my house?

But, as I read this unintentionally chosen book, I find myself smiling more and taking moments to enjoy life's pleasantness--just the very fact that I am here on this earth living and breathing with three rambunctious energy filled children and a handsome hunk of a husband is enough...surely all I need is enough, no more. I even tried my hand at a few yoga poses after reading yesterday--when, oh when, Lord, did I become SO UN flexible???! I could do the splits every which way when I was...eight. With some practice and encouragement from the kids, I even did a back bend this morning, I'm still not sure that was wise...but it was fun. (Ellipses anyone? I love them. If you don't, you will hate my blog----oh and hyphens---ever so much fun when you would like the reader to take a bigger pause than a comma can afford...sorry grammar teachers (mom).)

Now for the "off the bottle" part of this post...

Wyatt's new pediatrician eyed his Medela bottle full of cow's milk (not mine) at our last visit--it was, after all, his two year visit. How did Wyatt get to be two? I don't remember him going from one-and-a-half to two. In fact I have called him one-and-a-half even until last week...somehow I forgot that Wyatt was aging in these past hectic months with new baby, super drama three year old, new business demands, MOPS leadership role, etc. etc.

So, the doctor politely said, "When are we going to get him off those bottles?"
My reaction..."Huh? Really?" I almost became defensive, but rationality strangely overcame me in the moment and I agreed, rather surprisingly, "Yes, Wyatt should be off bottles." And I took him off bottles as soon as we got home. When he asked for a "big bottle," and I handed him a sippy cup, he looked at me in confusion. He placed the sippy cup back on the counter as though there had been some mistake.
I explained that the doctor did not want him to get rotten teeth and that it was time for him to be a big boy and drink out of a cup. "Otay," (OK) he replied, and took the sippy. It's strange how we build things up in our mommy minds. I was certain this change would be met with greater opposition.

And low and behold, my formerly NON eater is a ravenous monster, devouring all that is set before him. He isn't whining for his bottles like I thought he would be. He is happy, energetic, and older somehow. It's as though his body needed something other than milk to kick him into little boyhood. And with that bottle hanging out of his mouth all day long, he had too many milk calories, and no desire to eat. He ate a fresh green bean today! I couldn't believe it.

Thanks Dr. Ho!


Raquel, The Glamorous Life said...

oh i love Dr.Ho! i need to take Jake off the bottle too, but it makes me feels as though he will no longer be a baby and i want to hold on to that baby stage a little longer kwim? i agree i think sometimes we as moms envision the process and think it is so much easier to let them keep that bottle, binky, blankey whatever and the kids dont have much issue giving it up lol

R. Hansen said...

I'm so happy for you. I know you were worried about weaning him. And, you didn't even have to wean him off of them!!