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Monday, March 16, 2009

My New Fun Favorite Kids Clothes Site

For inspiration only--I couldn't pay this much when I can sew something similar, but this site and catalogue are amazing. I could spend zillions on this stuff! SOOOOOOOO cute! The company is Chasing Fireflies. I got a catalogue from some family friends and I'm in love. And these photos are just gorgeous! Where do you like to shop or get inspired for clothing your little ones?


Dani said...

I wish I was inspired to clothe my kids better. Jeremiah's got a ton of hand-me-downs (thank Jesus!) so I don't really stress about him. Although when summer comes it'll be a whole new story.

But poor Bek's. Her onesies and shirts are so stained...messy eater. And I hate to spend any money on her right now since the season is changing as well as her size. Ugh. She's just going to have to endure stained clothes until winter is gone. Well, I'm sure she will be fine. It's her daddy that hates her clothes. Poor guy!

But isn't that what bibs are for??? To hide the stains???

R. Hansen said...

My friend Becky said that she gets all stains out, even old stains, with oxy. She gets boiling water and mixes it with oxy in the sink. She puts the clothes in. She uses tongs to swish them around and then get them out. She said that everything comes out. I have yet to try it.

R. Hansen said...

Tara, I am a pretty traditional kind of girl when it comes to clothes. I was raised that way, I guess. The classic look is more easily passed on to the next child. :-) So, when picking out clothes, I try to see if they are too date-able by color or design, and if they aren't, and they are still cute and modest and in the price-range, I get it. :-) If I totally love it, then I make it.

I think that my biggest inspiration comes, actually, from walking through the fabric store. I see a fabric that I like and create something that will go with that fabric. Notice I don't sew all that often. It is my art instead of my hobby, I think. :-) Oh well...if only I'd sew those curtains for the closets in H. and I.'s rooms....

R. Hansen said...

...if I totally love it and it is way too expensive, THEN I make it. (Sorry about that typo.)