When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; And through the rivers, they will not overflow you. Isaiah 43:2

Friday, March 6, 2009

My Favorite Things

This week I have found three new favorite things. My life is pretty simple, but the more simplified I can get it the better. Following Fly Lady's advice, I have been getting rid of lots of junk around here lately and finding that I can finally breathe again (well, at least in some rooms). The garage has become a dumping ground though. I can only face it a few moments a day when I try to just focus on one square foot (did I mention it's BAD in there?) at a time. Sometimes just that square foot will take me fifteen minutes because there's so much crud in there. My goal is to recognize that most of this crud is just "stuff" and we really don't need that much "stuff" in our lives.

Anyway, in the midst of this, I have found three "stuffs" that make me happy and so I will keep them.

The first are my Conair jumbo hot rollers. There is something so comforting about rolling my head with hot rollers and wandering around doing morning chores knowing I will have a voluminous head of volumized curls at the end of it. They do not last long because my hair doesn't like to hold curl, but it gives a finished look even to my eventually flat hair and therefore I love them.

The second are these great jeans I got from Old Navy. I never have bought one of those advertised Old Navy items of the week because I simply detest their advertisements most of the time. I don't want to be one of those people who buys into the sensationalized marketing gimmicks. But last week, they were advertising kids jeans for $9 and women's jeans for $19. Can't beat that!
I have not bought new jeans in at least three years. But lately I am right smack in the middle between big-fat-pregnant-sized Tara and back-to-normal-medium-sized Tara so I thought, what the heck? And I loooooooooove them. I have never had a jean fit so well. And there's none of that peek-a-boo in the back either! I spent all morning worrying I was going to have to send them back. Then I finally tried them on and almost shed a tear at the perfection I beheld. I even ran out to show Scott. (I think he was not nearly as impressed as I).

The jean is "The Goddess" from Old Navy. Shop here.

And finally, I found this broccoli salad mix in a bag at Costco. It serves 10---or me. I added a can of salmon for Omega-3's and it was sooooo delicious. It has bacon bits and little crunchies and a delicious (I'm sure fattening) dressing and cranberries...oooo it is soo good. Did I mention it was good? And it has to be better for me than chocolate cake I'm thinking.

Just a few things that make me happy. What little things and "stuffs" make you happy?


The Bennights said...

Hmmmm, I am having a jean dilemma at the moment. I am also in between sizes. UGH! Mayb I should try and be a goddess too. LOL

LOVE the salad from Costco....afraid to look at the fat cals.

We are also declutering....my family is not cooperating. For everything I dump, they find three more things to replace it. My closet is just one massive pile of clothes that will most likely never be worn again....and shoes.

And, I LOVE my rollers too. I have the same ones!

Dani said...

Have I told you how much I love and look forward to reading your blog?!? You have this style that pulls me in (even if I didn't know you I think I'd still feel pulled in) and wants to read more, more, more.

I need to do the fly lady's routine too. Because my routine is nonexistent! My home is always cluttered somewhere (usually most places). Dirty I can stand but clutter takes my peace away.

Ok, enough chit chat (I should blog myself).
3 things I love are:
1. my flat iron
2. my blender (it broke and I need a new one) - there's no better way to fill up on my daily milk intakes and get full off of a delicious smoothie at the same time
3.my gym bag - it's filled with shampoo, conditioner, body soap that smells WONDERFUL, gum, clean undies (tmi)...all the stuff that I use after my sweaty workout so when I come home I'm feeling and smelling great and I'm ready for my family.