When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; And through the rivers, they will not overflow you. Isaiah 43:2

Monday, March 29, 2010

The Mountain--Walking the Line

What's the latest on the mountain pursuit? (Breckenridge Mountain ("the mountain") is pictured above.)
It's not really a mountain per se. It's a tall hill, but it's at 1200 ft., and the parcel looks down on so much that it feels mountainous to us.
Well, we had been pretty single-minded the past few weeks. Basically, acquisition of the mountain and beginning our lives there consumed most of our thoughts and conversations. It has been so much fun coming up with creative solutions to the lack of utilities, lack of family support, lack of available financing. We came up with an alternative energy plan, a written plan including our dreams and goals and financing a small organic poultry and egg farm on the land to encourage the nay-sayers with a written description of our vision, and we found some unique financing options that actually looked feasible.
But then, after church, Scott felt really drawn to walk the property line of the parcel, which includes some very rocky steep terrain, to see what this 40 acres really included. He wasn't sure why, but he felt it was important.
When you stand at the top of the mountain, where we would likely have our home, it all looks so surreal and beautiful. But, there is 40 acres around that house pad that we wondered...what would we do with that?
So, he walked...and his friend Ben walked with him...
And it wasn't so much a walk apparently as a hike. At times, belaying equipment could have been of some assistance. At times, there was no going any further due to shear drop-offs and/or impassable steep sections...and that was only half the property. At times, Scott thought perhaps Ben would not be his friend much longer.
It was the first time we had a realistic, non-positive thought about our move. Do we really want 40 acres, 80% of which is essentially unusable?
...to be continued...


Rhondasue said...

Sounds like an interesting turn you are facing. God bless you in your decisions. I know how unsettling it can be to not have the answers - to not know what is next - to live in the moment and trust that God has amazing plans for us.

Mandee said...

I have no doubt Heavenly Father will bless you to know what the right thing is for your family! And I, for one, can't wait to hear what that is!

brooke said...

Holy cow. That is crazy that the land is that diverse. You guys will make the right decision. I'm excited to hear what it is.

Dimpled Dempseys... said...

I've been away from your blog awhile and just came back today to discover your "news"! My goodness! Big decisions! I'm praying.