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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Wyatt!

Our sweet Wyatt Scott Haner:
You came into our lives three years ago just after midnight on April 1, 2007 weighing 8 lbs., 14 oz. Mommy cringed when she looked at the clock after just 2 hours and 45 minutes of labor--just a few minutes earlier could have saved you years of April Fool's Day misery. But, God had a plan for your arrival, so who was mommy to cringe? It was a peaceful delivery with only daddy and the doctor and one nurse present. There was not a lot of hoopla, just you and us, and the peace and quiet of night during a very calm night at the hospital. We may have been the only ones there.
You spent a few days in the NICU, and mommy slept in the parking lot in the Volvo so she could nurse you every three hours on call. The nurses in the NICU said you had some great lungs because when you cried, it woke everyone in the nursery! We were a little nervous about that, but once we got you home, you were a very peaceful baby, who slept like a champ!
You have been the sweetest little man and blessed our lives ever since.
Three year old Wyatt:
- is almost completely potty trained (just a few pee pee accidents here and there);
- loves to cuddle on the couch and do "learning time";
- loves to play golf;
- loves his Grandpa Mac more than anything on earth even though he gives him a "whoopin'" now and then;
- loves to "be the fastest"--at everything!
- loves to play with his friend Grant;
- loves beverages--all day long must have some sort of drink...juice, milk, soda, Crystal Light, chocolate milk, strawberry milk, lemonade, smoothies, you name it, he loves it;
- loves to watch "Sight Words" videos (crazy kid);
- loves to snuggle into bed next to mommy in the quiet of the night, holds very still and curls up into a ball--by far the easiest of our kids to sleep and cuddle with;
- still likes to carry around his "lovies"--small lightweight blankets with hoodies built in, given to him his first Christmas by Kelly Kitchens--and his "baby doll"--not manly, but really really cute;
- loves to play with tools and help daddy build chicken coops;
- could eat "peanut butter and jelly, sock 'em in the belly, saaaaandwiches" for every meal;
- nicknamed "Wy Wy," "Wyatt Welker," and "Wyatt Wabbit" by those who know and love him best;
- calls all sports jerseys, regardless of team, color or name on the actual jersey, his "Wyatt Welker shirts;"
- lately, wants his hair "flat like Grandpa Mac likes it-- NOT spiky!"
- knows the whole alphabet and the sounds of all the letters;
- likes to dance and sing and has great pitch!
- enjoys a Disney princess flick as much as Bob the Builder;
- still takes a nap almost every day, for at least two hours;
- is the most cautious of our children when it comes to potentially dangerous circumstances;
- loves to sing country music with his daddy, including "Don't touch my Hat" by Country George and "Ten Gallon Hat" by some other beer drinkin' country music singer;
- loves God, church, family, friends, animals and the great outdoors;
- does not like to wear shoes--even really cute ones (definitely does not get this from me);
- loves to collect eggs from the chickens and seldom drops one these days;
- helps around the house with everything, but really enjoys cooking with mommy ("patting" pancakes in particular);
- loves to talk on the phone--to anyone--about anything;
- is quite good at getting himself dressed, but always had his pants on backwards. Interestingly, they fit much better that way; if he wears them the proper way, they tend to show crack;
- still does not have his second set of molars.
We love you little man! Thank you for all that you are and all that you bring to our lives. Happy birthday!

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American Mom said...

We sure do love Wyatt! He is such a happy hearted guy and a favorite of Grant's!