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Monday, March 8, 2010

The Closet Conundrum

Image from here.

I would like to shop for new updated clothing...well...honestly...every day. I enjoy a crisp new outfit with matching shoes and purse, as much as the next gal. But, I know that there are more important things in life...things of substance. I know that having new clothes is a temporary high that quickly leads me to wanting more new clothes, and more new shoes, and well, that's just not healthy...for our finances or for my mind.

So, I try to focus on other things like gardening, studying the word of God, training and playing with my children, feeding my household in a frugal and healthy manner, and cleaning/organizing. But, sometimes, I still get the itch.

Today, I am starting in our closet, throwing things out, getting rid of items that don't fit (or won't fit even when this baby is out) and color coordinating my very favorite wardrobe items...which consist of about five things right now...some dark blue denim maternity jeans from Old Navy, a long gray hoodie sweater, also from Old Navy, a black maternity sweater from...you guessed it...Old Navy...do you see a trend here?

Anyway, I may only have a few things left in my closet after today, but they will be things that I like, that fit, and when this baby stops making me fat (I love you baby, and I adore feeling you growing inside me; it's not personal, but you are making me fat...well, you and the quesadillas), I may have to do a little shopping here and there to repopulate my wardrobe, but with prices and quality like what I've been finding at Old Navy, I am OK with that.

As a sidenote, I got a card with Old Navy last month, just to capitalize on the no shipping and online discounts afforded to cardholders and I saved a TON. It will be a good long while before I can afford to do that again, and I will...probably...cut up that card, but oh my, it was fun. :)

Where do you like to shop?


Lynette said...

I love Old Navy, I just got a few summer items there for the kids and I and I think the prices were great and I love what we got. When I was preggers with Liv I got rid of almost all my clothes and when she was born and I was done wearing maternity clothes (which sadly I wore for quite awhile after she was born) I had almost nothing to wear. I guess I thought we would win the lottery before she was born and I could get a whole new wardrobe!!

brooke said...

I thought that was your closet for a second and I was mighty jealous.

I love Old Navy too, especially for maternity clothes. I get sick of clothes quickly as well so I love that I can buy a few things every season at ON and then if I don't like them the next year, it's no biggie.

BTW, I loved your comment on my last post. Believe me, I have shed my share of tears at work (most notably after the first jury trial that I lost--I felt like I let my victim down.)

As for my carpet--In that picture you are seeing it right before my son's birthday party and I had just vacuumed! Why do you think we just ripped out our DISGUSTING carpet and are laying down hardwood--The carpet was never ever clean and was literally black in some areas!

Aaron + Mandee said...

I rarely, ever, ever, ever buy anything full price. And I've learned that shopping sales at ON & Gap compares price wise to what I can get at Target. I do allow myself to splurge on church clothes once a year, because it's the one day a week that I get to dress pretty. But man, if I could afford it, my closet would be full of JCrew.

Cheryl said...

Tara...I saw the pic of the closet and was like, "That better NOT be her actual closet!!!" = )

I did that with my drawers one day and WOW, very sad to see what REALLY fits and what needs to GO!

But WOW how freeing! = )

I need to check out that Old Navy financing there, sounds FABULOUS!