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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Shopping Makes Me Happy

Is it just me or does shopping for new clothes/shoes/handbags tend to make you think you are going to look cuter and skinnier?
Because I am fat and pregnant currently, I enjoy shopping so much more because it seems like it might make me feel a bit more feminine than a beached whale.

Don't get me wrong, I love pregnancy. I really do. The magic of life inside you is surreal and unfathomably lovely. But, then I see a picture of Jennifer Aniston's legs and I want to be skinny. So I shop.

Now, I can't go craaaaaazy shopping, so I find key buys that make me smile both because they are cute and because they are inexpensive. After all, it wouldn't be right to smile at my handbag while my children are eating Ramen...though I have contemplated the sacrifice at times. ;)

I like to feel like a princess now and then, and since I can't wear princessy heels or wedges right now (swollen sad ankles and legs), I got these fun princess gold sandals and a nice big bag to match.

I also bought some nice brownish gold nail polish (for 99 cents) over which I put a fantastic top coat so it doesn't chip for oh, maybe, TWO days instead of just one! :)

This maternity maxi dress (it has removable straps and don't worry, I'll wear a little cardigan to avoid showing my pregnant arms--how is it that my ARMS actually look pregnant???) was a splurge (at $15 after sales and coupon codes) but will be so flowy and nice (and black is slimming!) for those hot summer days to come.

MAKEUP: I got this sparkly lip gloss from that NYC cheap brand area at Target a few months ago and now I have five of them...one in every drawer, every purse, diaper bag, makeup case. Because I LOVE IT! And it's $1.29, so when Caden smears it into the carpet or eats half the tube, I don't have to cry (like I did when my Mac foundation was used to fingerpaint the bathroom wall), I can just buy a new one!!


Raquel, The Glamorous Life said...

hw fun where did you get this cool stuff? i love hsopping online! it is all so cute, you are going to look great in that dress


It's all from Old Navy. All ordered online with coupon code ONSAVEBIG and MYCARD for free shipping. XOXO