When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; And through the rivers, they will not overflow you. Isaiah 43:2

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Mountain

We are currently in the first stage of a potential adventure. I hesitate to write too much as nothing is set in stone, but we are creatively attempting to finance the purchase of beautiful mountaintop property. It is 40 acres, with a view like nothing I have ever seen in these here parts (y'all know I can talk Okie when I want.) There are four potential building pads, one of which is currently occupied by a renter who has her own mobile home. She has six dogs. And no electricity. I have never actually seen her...

Anyway, the road to the parcel from the main street is dirt, but sufficient. It takes us through rambling hills, free grazing horses, past an English bulldog breeder's estate, and up to the top of a "mountain" at 1,200 ft. From there, you can see 360 degrees the entire valley, orchards, parks, homes, hills, cows, widflowers. It is breathtaking.

Scott has had the unusual opportunity to safely shoot "clays" up there (a fun luxury we have previously only enjoyed on our trips to Texas.) We have stood together, literally and metaphorically, to pray on this mountain. We have enjoyed fellowship with the current owners who are struggling and wonderful and wanting to help us in any way they can.

The gentleman who owns it sunk every fence post around the 40 mountainous acres with his bare hands. A little part of his heart and soul remains there and we intend to keep him and his family as friends if we acquire it. He is a good man.

The problems we are encountering thus far are:

1. Bare land requires 50% down; (Ours is not "bare"--there is a renter there in a mobile home, there is water to the property, road access, but no electricity from the grid);

2. Apparently, no electricity from the grid essentially means property is worthless, from a typical banker/mortgager/financing standpoint; and

3. Loans for residential and commercial acreage are generally very short term (like five years max) and often carry very high interest rates (like 12%) despite our outstanding credit and very well developed and intelligent (we think) business plan for the land.

We are continuing to get creative. And we know a God who can make all things possible when they are part of His best plan for us. We know in our hearts that this will be an amazing investment for whoever assists with financing and, of course, for us. This land will only go up in value in the future, especially with an eye toward shared electricity to the land (for which there is already a plan in place), and considering the truly unique and beautiful rural mountainous environment, still close to town and community.

The future will depend on our desire to take a risk on this opportunity and bank on the fact that it will pay off down the line. There is so much still to contemplate, but we are very hopeful. I would like to take some photos and post them soon to really start adequately journaling this adventure.

Stay tuned.


American Mom said...

Why oh why have I not checked on your blog in forever?? I guess because I don't check anyone's blogs - but hey, I've posted 2 things in the past 2 days - so there!

brooke said...

Amazing. You're right--anything is possible with His help. I can't wait to watch this adventure unfold. More pictures please.

Rossie said...

Just say for kicks that this specific "off the grid" living opportunity falls through and it is God preparing you for even a greater step...keep in mind that there are LOTS of those opportunities here in MONTANA!! ;)
Love you and miss you!