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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mommy Baby Nursing Set

I have been reading quite a wonderful Biblical study called The Power of Motherhood, and today I read about breastfeeding and its wondrous effects on baby and mommy. I think I may write more about this later because even though I have nursed three babies, it was eye opening and really gave some great insights about breastfeeding and now I am really excited to do it again!! I was a bit on the fence about it previously because the first few weeks have often been challenging physically and emotionally for me to nurse. I will spare you the details...but now, armed with this new encouragement, I am once again prepared for the challenge and ready to nourish a newborn in this special way.

Then, as I browsed the ON SALE at OLD NAVY Maternity section, I found this mommy and baby nursing set:
Doesn't it look comfy and oh so cute? I can't wait to snuggle up with this little precious princess and nurse. :) I can't afford the outfit, but it is making me yearn for my soft PJ's and a tiny newborn (though mine are rarely tiny) for a nice soft cuddle.
Size L please. :)

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brooke said...

I am a big believer in nursing. Though with my first, it was a huge challenge to figure it out and it took a good two months before he was gaining weight and doing great. But it was a big priority for me and I'm proud that I pushed through and just did it.

I'm looking forward to doing it again just for the bonding but I hate the huge milky leaky boobs and sore nipples!

That nursing set is darling. Good thing I'm not having a girl--do they have it in the boy set?