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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What's The Deal With Grass Fed Beef?

We've been debating buying a quarter of a grass fed cow this year. It's pricey. But, after reading this confirming article about conjugated linoleic acid, among other healthful attributes, we are committed to fillin' up our freezer with this delicious stuff.



Anonymous said...

It is wroth buying it for the health benefits alone! Grass fed beef is healthy! It contains many healthy nutrients like Omega -6 EFA and doesn't have harmful steriods, etc. I have founds some delicious and healthy beef... Even though I work with them I have to say if you are looking for healthy grass fed beef - Look no further grass fed beef You will be happy you did!

Debra said...

Coming from ranching stock, grass fed beef is healthier, and lower in Cholesterol than lot fed cattle. The fat should be whiter than that of feed lot beef, and meals should be less fatty. A down side to grass fed beef is that the meat can taste gamey depending on the grass they eat. This is especially true if they are range fed, and have access to a lot of sage.