When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; And through the rivers, they will not overflow you. Isaiah 43:2

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Material Wealth...

I have learned to enjoy being frugal. It, along with my awesome husband's job and commitment, lets me stay home with my kiddos. The autonomy of homemaking, and the ability to raise our kiddos ourselves, homeschool, decide when we get up, where we go, who we see, what we'll make, whether I'll get out of my pajamas...well, there isn't really a price tag I could put on those things. But, if there was, it would be BIG.

Money is on my mind lately. I am not stressed about it. I can't be. God has provided for us BEYOND my wildest dreams, and I wouldn't want to spit in His face with worry or anxiety. In fact, I am probably overly confident if anything. But, I also don't buy stuff. And I have a very set allowance. So, there's not a lot of damage I can do!! Ha!!

But, this month's topic at MITW (Mommies in the Word, a group God has blessed me with the ability to host at our home each month) is material wealth...what God wants us to do with it, how to live frugally, be a good steward of our blessings, serve others and give to others, etc., etc. I'm not very good (obviously) about making a nice concise title for our MITW topics.

As I research this month's MITW topic, I can't help but be amazed at the things God just plops down in my lap. I always pray before each topic selection for God's guidance. Then, without an agenda, I set out to find what God might have for us mommies on the topic. I start out with some Google searches, and some deep Bible study, but without fail, God puts things in my path without my searching, that speak to the topics in a powerful way.

Today, this came to my inbox. I think it is pretty powerful stuff for us to remember...the title here (much more concise than mine) is, "MONEY CAN'T SAVE US... "


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great read..thanks friend