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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Be Fruitful and Multiply

I have been reading this book, "Be Fruitful and Multiply" by Nancy Campbell, more out of curiosity than anything.

I love Nancy Campbell and the Above Rubies Newsletter and website. She inspires me and challenges me to be a better wife, mother, and child of God.

So when this book came to me as part of the Above Rubies donation to our MOPS auction, I was intrigued--so much that I bid on it at the auction and won it!

The reason I was so curious is that I have never really subscribed to the we-should-have-as-many-children-as-God-will-bless-us-with philosophy. And I couldn't imagine any book could convince me otherwise.

What about college expenses? What about space in our home? Our car? What about food and shelter and medical bills? Weddings? Doesn't each child need their own room/bed/closet/bathroom space?

Well, I have been truly shocked to find myself persuaded despite all my pre-conceived notions that God made us to be fruitful and multiply and He wants that for our families...and our families will be blessed in greater measure as we obey His desires for our families.

The next few blog posts will be controversial I am sure, but I would like to start with the first persuasive chapter I read about the natural functions of women's bodies and the scientific evidence supporting our physiological need to limit menses and give the ovaries a significant resting period--this naturally created by pregnancy and breastfeeding.

I know, I thought the whole book would seem ludicrous to me in light of the world's population problems, the financial limitations issue, and of course, the fact that having lots of kids seems really challenging. But, I found my heart really changing as I read, especially the middle and later chapters.
Obviously, with three children and a fourth on the way, I love having children...I love being pregnant and NOT having PMS. I love nursing and the hormonal exhiliration and relaxation that accompanies it...but most of all, I cannot imagine our lives without any one of our children. Each provides such an intense source of joy and blessing. I am thankful every day that we decided to have them and for the one that is yet to come because I know she will only intensify that joy.

Some would have had us stop at one...and then two. Many were not quiet in voicing their disapproval of our growing family. "Shouldn't you be getting back to work?" "How will you pay for this?" "Why would you want to do this?" "Your house isn't big enough."
The questions were sometimes concerned and gentle, sometimes accusing, sometimes downright inappropriate and rude. But now, with each criticized "extra" child a living, present part of the family, none of the naysayers would ever say "send them back!" They are loved and provided for, and gosh, I don't think anyone would ever say Wyatt or Caden were mistakes now that they are here!

But, I never thought about having children as not being my choice. I never thought about how limiting the number of children we have could be harmful or less than ideal. I never thought about artificial contraception as interfering with God's blessings. I just really liked having kids.

I challenge anyone to read this book and not at least find something in it that challenges conventional ideas about child-bearing.

Stay tuned--"The Natural Function--Created to Mother" will be my next post. :) And then, "The Financial Questions Answered."

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mommyof3 said...

i so love that you are reading this for us and letting us know what is says... i am reading 6 books right now ( yeah total ADD) so adding a 7th would push me over the edge. thanks for doing the work for us : )

American Mom said...

Kuddos to you Tara!! Wonderful heart and beautiful spirit!

Lift Up Your Hearts said...

I love it! God has worked on my heart in this area sooooo much over the years. Here I am over 3 years out from my youngest baby and regretting the times I swore up and down that he was our last! I hope he blesses us with more!