When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; And through the rivers, they will not overflow you. Isaiah 43:2

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My House is a Toy Graveyard

Is it me or do toys just suddenly get out of hand one day?

I looked around today and sighed, "I just simply have to throw them all away..."

A missing piece to this puzzle, missing clothes for this doll, missing wheel to that truck, the ring stacker with just one sad yellow ring, tooooooooo many blocks to have to pick up ONE MORE TIME, just one ball left for the ball popper. Where did all the stuff go? We never leave the house with any of it!

I am not a naturally organized person, though I LOVE organization. Strange, I know. It's the getting it organized and keeping it organized I have failed to hone. I really do like it once it's done though, and if someone else keeps it that way, all the better...but it's just me here with lots of little people who are even WORSE at it.

I digress.

The toys...what to do about the piles of ineffectual toys. Is a puzzle missing a piece really good to anyone? Dare I take it to Goodwill? What kind of good will am I really sharing?...I'll tell you, the same frustrating, annoying, AAAAGH! kind of feeling I have right now is what I'd be sharing...and that's just not nice. To the trash it all goes then...tomorrow!

So, I guess it's dirt and rocks for my kids to play with then.

Oh and look out, I'm starting to feel this way about the piles and piles of mismatched clothes and socks around here too.

Naked children playing with dirt and rocks. Look for us on the 10 o'clock news. I'm sure Jose Gaspar will get the story. (Only my husband is in on the Jose Gaspar-gets-the-sorriest-excuses-for-stories-in-Bakersfield joke, but now you too can be privy to it.)

(And to my old boss, who hated when I ended my sentences in "it," "it" is still not a preposition, "it" is a pronoun, and I don't work for you anymore, I work for little people who poo in their pants so, "Ha!")

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Raquel, The Glamorous Life said...

this is so funny Tara, i love reading your blog, you use words i dont even know the meaning of and i still think they are fabulous =) can you please blog like 5 times a day! ok on to the toys, my poor big boys have seriosuly like 8 dinosaurs and 2 transformers (they all fit on a shelf in there closet) and i feel so bad becasUE I AM SURE I AM THE ONE WHO HAS GOT RID OF EVERYTHING oops caps... good thing Christmas is coming maybe they wont fight as much if they are occupied doubtful but a mom can wish