When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; And through the rivers, they will not overflow you. Isaiah 43:2

Monday, December 7, 2009

I Heart Mondays and McDonald's Iced Lattes

I always have high hopes for Mondays...the fresh new beginning to the week. It is supposed to be laundry day and it is my kitchen zone clean week, so I was to start by washing out the trash can...

But, it was a MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) Monday. So that means starting the day getting actually dressed with makeup and deodorant on, and getting all three children dressed and ready for the day by 8 AM. That includes making lunch for Wyatt's preschool, and usually changing two sets of diapers, the first diaper change of the day, plus the inevitable first poop of the day (which my boys save for their fresh morning diapers.) It means breakfast and breakfast dishes. It means thinking about all the things I have to take back to MOPS people today that I have borrowed.
It also means a two and a half hour break from my little blessings, a fun craft, and the BEST food EVER! Oh how I love that my Biggest Loser weigh in is BEFORE MOPS. I could have eaten twelve servings of egg casserole--I am not exaggerating. Unfortunately, the other MOPS ladies seemed to like it equally well, so I only got two servings. :( Booooo.

All went well, but by the time I had thought about and then done these things and got my brood safely back from MOPS and preschool (thanks dad for taking care of Wyatt's transport and morning care today), I was tired and not all that inspired to do my chores. And a little nauseous from baby and egg casserole.

So, with the boys down for a nap, Kya and I cuddled on the couch for the afternoon and watched Charlotte's Web. We worked on vowel sounds during the long boring songs and she recognized that Caden has the most vowels in his whole name of anyone in our family, which reminded me that I have a really smart four year old on my hands...and I should probably do more to maximize her potential than lying on the couch all afternoon watching TV, but...cuddling was nice too.

Dinners have been lots of fast food lately, which is always true during my first trimester. I told the kids after next week (12 weeks FINALLY), mommy is not going to McDonald's any more! For now though, I cannot bring myself to cook in the evenings. And with Scott refereeing nightly basketball games, there is no one to whom I can delegate cooking duties, so McDonald's it is! I love the dollar menu. Snack sized fruit and yogurt parfaits and a burger surely won't kill my children a couple times a week until next week, right?
Anyhoo, we got our Christmas shopping almost finished and I have big plans to make my kitchen over into a Christmasy wonderland tomorrow. Kya picked blue and white for this year's colors, so I'll post the finished product tomorrow.

On a sidenote, Kya's MOPPETS group today discussed for what they were thankful to Jesus. I guess many of the children said, "toys" or "family." Kya apparently said she was thankful that Jesus came to this earth and died for us. Wow! What a very special thing for a mommy to hear.

On a final final note, I did absolutely no laundry today and did not address the clutter in my kitchen as I intended. But tomorrow is looking promising for these tasks, since there ain't gonna be no gardening goin' on in this cold windy rainy weather. (Tuesdays are usually my gardening days.)

I am very thankful today for McDonald's Iced Latte with sugar free vanilla. You have to try it if you haven't. It's cheaper than Starbuck's and just as good.
Nighty night!
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Lynette said...

That egg casserole was so yummy, I only got one serving! I went back and it was gone.
I did not get my Monday stuff done either but we are working on it today along with our Tuesday stuff.
You looked so pretty at MOPS yesterday, loving the stylish hair cut!
Have fun getting your Kitchen Christmasy! Can't wait to see pictures.


Thanks Lynette! You are the sweetest! My camera doesn't like my new computer, so no pictures, plus the day was not picture-worthy. Maybe tomorrow. :)