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Monday, April 6, 2009

Wyatt's Family Birthday

This is a picture of Wyatt practicing blowing out a candle before the real thing with big sis Kya supervising (she is in full blown teacher mode these days. :))

I have always heard of birthday traditions, but never really had any in my own life, so I decided my kids would have some. In particular, I thought each child could have a special food or dessert associated with their special day. So, for Wyatt this year, we had homemade cookies and milk (the milk was homemade only for Caden ;)). The cookies weren't very good, so next year perhaps a different recipe wouldn't spoil the tradition? I don't know, maybe Wyatt's birthday tradition will be crappy cookies and milk...

Anyway, my folks and Scott's came to Wyatt's little cookies and milk party and shared a special time in honor of Hanerman 2. Thanks little man for making us smile EVERY day and for being just about the cutest kid in the world (in this unbiased mom's opinion)! WE DO TRULY ADORE YOU WYATT SCOTT (even though we gave you crappy cookies and milk as your birthday tradition). Hey, you are an April Fool's baby after all. :)

1 comment:

Dani said...

Crappy cookies and milk! lol
Hey, at least it's a tradition!
I love, love, love the sound of a cookies and milk tradition! I wish my fam would go for that! I think it's cultural...ugh.