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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mom and the Kids

Life with three kids under the age of four is so interesting. It is totally different than I ever imagined. I get to use problem solving skills in every decision I make during the day.

Who ever thought those critical thinking classes in college would actually come in handy? It may seem like an exaggeration when I say EVERY decision requires problem solving, and I do have a penchant for exaggeration, but this much is true. From the time I get up, I have to decide how I will manage to shower, eat, shop, organize, teach, play, change diapers, etc...all while keeping the non-occupied kid(s) sleeping, occupied, safe, caged...it's like a never ending riddle.

If one child is sleeping and the other is in the kitchen cupboard, how will one mom watch the third child coloring in the living room such that he or she does not Sharpie the entire living room? (to Sharpie: infinitive English verb, used primarily by moms of toddlers, meaning to take permanent marker and draw all over walls, desks and upholstery.)

If one mom has three children and goes to the grocery store, two children can ride in the main part of the basket while the baby rests comfortably in the top portion in his carseat, but where do the groceries go?

If one mom with a backache takes three children for a walk and carries the baby in a sling contraption, one child falls and skins his or her knee and the third child refuses to walk any further, how does that mom get them all home? (Thank God for cell phones.)

You see how the day is filled with little games and puzzles. Endless fun really. I'm certainly being a little sarcastic, but I am never ever ever bored and never lonely. And those are really nice things not to be.

One mom, three kids, and one fantastic husband...it's a pretty good recipe so far. Thanks honey for finally getting a picture of me with all three kids. (Yes, I made them all matching outfits for Wyatt's construction-themed party.)


R. Hansen said...

Tara. You did a great party. I know that you had help with things, but you were great with the kids, really getting down to their level and explaining the rules and such. There were not too many bumps, which is amazing for a toddler party.

Lynette said...

Tara, you are such a good mommy. You had a wonderful party for Wyatt. Thanks for inviting us!
Great pic of you and your kiddos.

Jeff and Heather said...

Tara you are an awesome mom and I totally understand what you mean by every decision requiring problem solving skills. I love reading your posts. Thanks for taking the time to share with everyone.


Heather, you are so sweet. My crazy life is no more interesting than anyone else's so I feel silly posting sometimes about all the craziness. But it's so nice that someone enjoys reading about it. Thanks girls for coming to the party. It was so fun to have you there!


Today's Riddle:

Mom has a daughter to pick up from preschool and two sleeping boys at home. Mom cannot leave anyone in the car unattended in the driveway and the garage is full of stuff so mom can't pull in. How does mom get the two sleeping boys into the car to go pick up their sister without leaving one of them in the car unattended at some point? (And don't even suggest I carry both sleeping boys at the same time).

R. Hansen said...

Oh Man! You took my answer. :-)

I guess you put the baby car seat in the stroller, put the baby in the car seat. Then you pick up the boy and carry him whilst pushing the stroller...oh wait, it is 100 F outside, how can you get in the car with it that hot outside, unless you have already cooled down the car...or is that the next riddle????

brooke said...

Impressive outfits! You know how much I value coordination with kids.