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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Green Beans for Dinner

There is something about the competition, accountability, and challenge of The Biggest Loser group of which I am a part, that has changed me completely. I couldn't control my eating before this started. That is so cliche, but honestly, I am talking dozens of cookies in one sitting...and honestly, I had kind of given up. With three little kiddos, lots of responsibilities, and a husband whose love is unconditional, I just couldn't get motivated to lose the weight.

Then came the invitation to join The Biggest Loser competition with my former partner, Rachel. In ten weeks, I lost 22 pounds. And I find myself now on Sunday nights, the night before Monday morning weigh-ins, eating green beans and fat free cottage cheese and drinking lots of water. I cannot believe how my habits have changed. I actually say "no" to cake!!!! (Those of you who have known me for any significant time know this is just plain CRAZY talk!)
When I am tired or emotional, I don't eat chocolate or cheese anymore; I reach for a low sodium V8 or popcorn. My daily intake is so healthy that when I eat something super fatty or high in sugar, my body actually feels yucky. And mostly, I just don't want to pay anyone ten bucks (the penalty if you are the lowest on the totem pole for the week!)
So I sit here munching green beans, and kind of enjoying it as my pre-pregnancy pants are starting to fit again. Oh dear, what will I do when the competition is over?????


Dani said...

Wow, that's awesome!
So how does this challenge work?
You think you could start up a new challenge once yours ends?

Dani said...

Well, how did weigh-in go for you???


Good! 6.5 lbs lost this week. We were still in the middle of the pack though. One couple lost like 14 lbs! Crazy. Anyway, I will taper off next week. You just can't lose that much every week, ya know? It wouldn't be sustainable. Thanks for asking? How is your fine fit self doing?

R. Hansen said...

You did awesome this week! I am very proud (for lack of a better word) of you. :-)

I am going to try to beat you this week, though!

Lynette said...

Way to go Tara!