When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; And through the rivers, they will not overflow you. Isaiah 43:2

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Chickens Among Us

We got new baby chicks the week of Easter. We are not sure why, except that the chickens we have are so great. They provide us eggs, fertilizer, bug control (they can only eat so many earwigs, but they try to help out), garbage disposal (they eat anything) and a good laugh now and then. So, why not have more???

We're still not sure about this decision. It's kind of like having more kids. The ones we have are great, so...bad reasoning...

Anyway, the new baby chicks are different types than our old ones. My favorite new chick is the light brahma, which has feathered FEET! Scott built them a great little enclosure in the garage complete with pine shavings, DE, and the perfect little roost. It's nice to see the little girlies whenever I travel to the garage fridge for my daily (one of my daily) Diet Pepsi(s). It is sad for the van that it had to be displaced for now, but if the van ate earwigs, maybe we'd reconsider.
Everybody's gotta love that last view of the rear...I mean chicken cage. :)


Lynette said...

Hey Tara, I really want chickens but John thinks they would be gross, do you think I could bring him over to see yours to show him that normal people in normal homes have chickens??????


We are anything but "normal," but we would love to have you come look. Our yard and house are just big piles of free stuff that we make into other stuff...i.e., chicken coops. We paid like $3 for a hinge I think on the chicken coop, the rest was salvaged, trash wood from building sites, etc. You could have a homeschool field trip to the Haner home! By the way, your house is looking fantastic! We drive by there on the way home from Raquel's and it looks like a magazine! I lov eyour style!


Oh and it can be gross unless you use the deep litter method. We'll teach ya if you want!

Lynette said...

Your so sweet Tara. I would love to bring him by and hear more about the deep litter method, anything to persuade him to let us get chickens!