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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

So You're Thinking About Getting a Trampoline?

In case you are considering getting a trampoline for your small children, this video may convince you it is a good...or bad...idea, depending on how you see it. I definitely pictured unending hours of reading on the patio while the children amused themselves. Not so much. There is a lot of up close supervision required, especially when they all three want to be on there--or when Caden (our fifteen month old) first learned how to unzip the net...yah, pretty much ever since then, it hasn't been fun...for me. And that's what matters, right? :)

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Too Many Kids In The Bathtub said...

We had a trampoline for 1 week and then got rid of it because our 3 year old , Ethan broke his leg!!!!

Lynette said...

Too cute and if we had room, we would soooo get a trampoline. My kids love them but they do require constant supervision. Anything that lets them get all their energy out and makes them tired is ok by me! Kidding, sort of!