When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; And through the rivers, they will not overflow you. Isaiah 43:2

Thursday, October 25, 2007

A Trying Day

Some days without explanation are just difficult. Maybe it's hormones. Perhaps (ya think?) it's because I didn't start with my God time.

DENTIST: I started the day by taking Kya to the pediadontist. It is her first trip since she was nine months old when we found out that she had neonatal teeth in the front on the bottom. These teeth, we were told, formed in utero without enamel or roots. They erupted when Kya was two weeks old. I know--weird. So they are discolored and small compared to her other teeth--oh and they move like a loose tooth because there are no roots to keep them in place.

Anyway, we went back today to find out about the permanent adult teeth under the neonatals, which 99% of the time are present and healthy. Well, not my baby! After an interesting time getting Kya to sit still for X-rays (for which I could not hold her due to my potential for pregnancy--don't worry, I'll tell you all as soon as I actually get pregnant!), we found out that she is one of a very very rare few who does not have any permanent teeth in the front on the bottom. So, she will have to have a "pediapartial" at age 6 and implants when she is about 17 (or whenever they determine she has ceased growing). Dr. Dan (Purdy) said he had NEVER seen completely missing front bottom teeth and only a handful of times had he seen it in the "usual place" which is the top two front teeth.

Although I was startled and saddened for Kya that she will have to endure anything but a "normal teeth experience" in her life, I am thankful that she is otherwise healthy and that it really is just an aesthetic problem. It's always hard to hear our babies aren't perfect though, isn't it? Did I mention Scott and I have never had a filling? Odd.

MY PLANS: I had lots of plans today...God had other plans. This is the season for mommyhood, not cleaning house, painting, sewing, cooking, or any other thing, at least not very often. Today, I did NOT clean my house, fold laundry, change the sheets, or pick up the dog poop. Today, I DID play with playdough, paint a halloween picture, cut and paste a jackolantern, nurse Wyatt 10 times, change 4 poopy diapers, drive around the block seven times with Bible Songs bumpin', dance around my living room singing "Jump Shake your Booty," clean a highchair (donated by fellow MOP, Ronda Henke and delivered by friend Raquel Steele), give Kya two baths and Wyatt one, and unfortunately, yell at Kya a little too often.

A good friend recently told me she struggled with yelling at her kids. I proudly told her I did not struggle with that. Uh...HELLO, I have yelled at Kya like twenty times this week alone! I feel just terrible about it. Tomorrow, I will not yell. Tomorrow, I will approach the day with a BETTER plan and I WILL have God time and exercise because it makes everything better!!

PLAN FOR TOMORROW (barring heavenly intervention):

5:00--Wake up, shower, make Scott's food, God time
Make beds
Vaccuum MA Bedroom (gosh, my hair builds up on the floor of our bathroom--SOOooo gross!)
Make breakfast for Kya
Empty dishwasher, Clean up breakfast dishes

8:30--Go to park

10:45--Spend 15 minutes cleaning out car
11:00--Make and eat lunch
11:30--Lunch cleanup


Go to grocery store for pumpkin cheesecake ingredients
Make cheesecake (chill for evening party)
Learning time
Play time in Wyatt's room

Go to pumpkin carving party.

PRAYER: Lord be with me that I may accompish what you want me to accomplish in my day--no more and no less. To you be the glory for anything I do accomplish. Help me see your plans and purposes throughout the day and to treat my children with the correct balance of discipline and cuddles. :)


Raquel said...

so loving your posts Tara, you a great writer :)

The Bennights said...

Wow. What's a schedule like? I can't imagine that you can actually find the time to do all these things and sound so peaceful about it all. My life is so turned upside down with the addition of a very "high needs" baby.
Just having a day to play with the babies sounds wonderful. I struggle with yelling as well, when I am stressed or overtired. Then I get a good day and wonder how I could ever raise my voice at them. Strange.