When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; And through the rivers, they will not overflow you. Isaiah 43:2

Thursday, October 11, 2007

God at work

FINANCES: God is constantly working on me--refining me and teaching me more about who He is and how I should allow him to work in our family. Lately, we have been challenged in the area of finances to trust in Him. He has ALWAYS been faithful in providing for our needs and more...but, sometimes it just seems like there is no way we are going to be able to continue with me at home. It is challenging to wait on the Lord and not run out and get a job out of fear. I know I am supposed to be home with my babies at this time, but I am open to the Lord speaking into our lives something different. It would have to loud and clear because I do so love being at home with them.

AT HOME: Speaking of being home, I am wanting more and more to be AT HOME. Even as a homemaker, I am challenged to actually stay at home. We seem to always have somewhere else to be or something to buy, a doctor or dentist to see. I am going to really try to stick close to home for a week and see if we feel more peaceful and calm. My errand day is Wednesday, so we will only buy things on Wednesdays barring any emergency. I do have chiropractor, dentist, and doctor appointments coming up and I'm not sure how to handle those with a six month old and a two year old. Dare I bring them with me? Or do I trouble a babysitter to watch them? I don't know. I really dislike leaving the kids with anybody because they are both at challenging ages and I really don't want to put anyone out. Plus, with Wyatt getting a fever this evening, I will hesitate to expose anyone to him.

FEVERS: Fevers...why do I even take the kids' temperature? I believe that fevers are a healthy good way for the body to fight infection. But for some reason once I confirm they have a temperature (by taking it) I panic. Wyatt's is only 100.1, but gosh, the poor little guy has been sick in the past six months more than Kya has been in two years. So, I worry. God tells us to worry for nothing so tonight, I am praying for peace and for God to remove my anxiety. I praise Him already for freeing my soul from worry and bringing our family through so much.

SARAH KATE: I found out today that a couple in our church that lost a baby girl (she was stillborn) was able to have another baby girl named Sarah Kate in the last few days. Praises to God for helping that family heal and experience this joy of new and healing life. Help us Lord understand Your ways and that they are far better than our own.

MORE CHILDREN: As we consider the next child we would like to have, I am excited and praying for God's hand to be involved. I pray that God will give us exactly what our family should have and that if this is to be our last child that he will give me a peace about it and remove the desire to have more. I love being a mommy. Thank you God for that passion and joy. There is nothing I could have ever imagined that compares to the joy I feel in being a mom to Kya and Wyatt and wife to Scott.

HOMEMADE APPLESAUCE: I didn't accomplish much in the house today, but I did make some homemade applesauce!! It was easy and saved me an errand since I didn't have any baby food fruit to mix with Wyatt's breakfast of rice cereal. I just boiled a bunch of apples, skin on, cut up into one inch pieces, then I processed them in the food processor, which made a lovely smooth sauce. Wyatt loved it and I know exactly what is in it! :)



Dani said...

First, I really enjoy reading your posts.

Did you core your apples then boil them? I've been peeling my apples before I boil them. What a time waster! I never thought about processing them with the skin! I'll try that next time!

Raquel said...

I found your blog again! I love it and am having fun catching up. You ae such a sweet spirit Tara!


Hi girls! I didn't peel them because the recipe I had didn't say to. And I just cut up some apples (like I do with potatoes) and boiled them that way. I don't have a corer (maybe you could help me with that Raquel! ;)).