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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Tree Trimming with Toddlers

Today we got out the ol' artificial tree (donated by fabulous friend Aimee) and trimmed it without daddy. :( Daddy is busy runnin', whistling and waving his arms around this time of year as high school basketball season is underway. (As most of you know, he's a referee.) So we are often here at the Haner home fending for ourselves--some more than others.
I had to smile at the way the kids' eyes lit up when I opened that big tub of garlands, ornaments, santa hats, snowmen and angels. Seeing Christmas through Kya's eyes especially has given me the renewed energy (WHICH I DESPERATELY NEEDED TODAY) to face Christmas head on and with joy and fervor.

As a sidenote, my energy issue stems from one small person who has taken to being awake every night from 2:30 to 4:30 AM (Caden), and my choice to continue abstaining from coffee to avoid any digestive disturbances in said small person. Diet Pepsi just aint cuttin' it. (Where does the apostrophe go in the word "aint?")
OK, so back to the tree...we got it out, decorated it, and marveled at it...together!! Did you know that small children do not understand the need for decorative balance? If you visit our home and see our tree, you will notice large clusters of angels and other ornaments on just two or three very droopy branches...I tried to explain, "Kya, some of these other branches might be lonely and need some angels and snowmen to keep them company..." This creative explanation fell on deaf ears...so be it, the year of the lopsided Christmas tree...

You'll also note Wyatt spent much of the "decorating time" in the Xmas tree box.
But it's done! We have our decorations up, the wreath on the door, the Grinch and Max atop the entertainment center, and all is well...to tell the kids about Santa or not...now that is the question...

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