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Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Week with the Tummy Flu

This week in the Haner home, there was lots of throwing up! It started Monday when Wyatt threw up every 15-30 minutes from about midnight on. Then everyone seemed fine all day Tuesday and Wednesday.

Wednesday night, Kya started throwing up around 9:00 PM and Wyatt again around 10:30 PM. They alternated (which I thought was nice of them--simultaneous vomiting would have been difficult to catch and clean up. LOL!) every 30 minutes. So we set up their little mattresses in the living room surrounded by towels and I slept on the couch nearby hoping and praying that daddy Scott could get some sleep in the bedroom (and that my pregnant belly would fit on our couch (it did!)). All was well all day Thursday and Thursday night and Friday day.

Then we decided to go to dinner at Mimi's cafe (LOVE their honey oat bran muffins!) for a family night out to celebrate the end of the tummy flu and Wyatt promptly upon being seated, threw up all over the table and booth. GROSS! Poor little guy. So, since he is usually OK for about an hour in between spit ups, we cleaned him and the booth up, changed his clothes, and stayed for a nice dinner.

A few hours later, Wyatt threw up some more and Friday night was spent much the same as Monday night, but just he and I in the living room. Today is Saturday and so far so good. We are excited to try some oh so yummy Pedialyte popsicles for dinner tonight! YUMMO!

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Rossie said...

Soooo sorry about the flu...YUCK! Sad about your doggy too. And totally understand the crying in the garage...BEEN THERE!! So glad we are not alone!
Love ya!