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Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Rooster Chronicles Part II

OK, so after a week of constant crowing during daylight hours, Scott decided we would try to keep the poor bugger, but keep him in the dark until WE were ready to let him see the light (and hear him crow). Why would we keep him? Well, first of all, he is gorgeous, and second of all, we will eventually need new chicks to replace our hens when they are finished laying...aaaaand we are just sentimental around here and we don't like to see our family farm broken up. (Sigh.)
So, Scott created a rooster suite...basically a box with a hinged front door, a roost inside and some pine shavings. The kids helped out a tremendous amount and the whole family had fun. Note Wyatt's "oh so 80's" hair and shirt-- (Hey! I figured they were farm kids today and I didn't want their nice clothes gettin' all chicken poopy!)
So, that night, Scott ushered rooster into his suite. Scott left at 6:15 the next morning and we had yet to hear him! Success! Ah, but at 7:00, despite the box, he began to crow...and thump, and crow...and thump. But at least the crowing was slightly muted???? ANd at least it wasn't 5AM?
A week later, I posted a listing on Craig's List for a free rooster. We received TONS of responses, but finally settled on a SAHM that lives just down the road and around the corner from us (not to worry, she is keeping him at her folks' ranch which is out Round Mountain Rd.). It was sad seeing him go (in a Huggies Diaper Box nonetheless! LOL!), but his new mama promises to keep in touch and update us on his well being. Ahhh tomorrow promises to be a quiet morning...

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