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Friday, October 31, 2008

Menu Plan

Menu planning has not been my forte lately, but with the baby's arrival imminent, I thought I'd better prepare something for those who have bravely volunteered to watch "the other two." I just have to comment on this picture. OK that child cannot be more than what 15 or 16 months right? If that were my child he or she would be DIVING into that mixture and as I tried to restrain him or her, we would both end up crying over the flour, sugar, and eggs that spilled everywhere...not to mention the burns that would have been inflicted on the child who lunged too near the gas stove or opened the oven unsupervised...hey, it happens! My kids help make cookies when it doesn't matter if the end product is edible and when I'm able bodied enough to run interference (read "NOT nine months pregnant") and that's about it. :) Sometimes we make playdough or finger paints though and that is always fun (well, not when I am NINE months pregnant)--did I mention I am nine months pregnant?


b- Cereal (Frosted mini wheats) with blueberries and/or raisins and sliced banana
l- Mac-n-cheese with ham chunks w/ fruit cup
d- Ham, buttered rolls and green beans (canned)


b- Scrambled ggs, pumpkin muffins
l- PBJ sandwiches (on rolls if fresh bread not made) applesauce and cottage cheese
d- Bush’s baked beans, pork steaks, green beans


b- Pumpkin Pie spiced pancakes w honey, banana slices
l- Tuna (plain) and cheese sandwiches on rolls, fruit cups or applesauce
d- Pork chops and potato bake, frozen veggies

b- Cereal and yogurt
l- Lunch meat sandwiches with meat, cheese, lettuce and tomato
d- Chicken Nuggets and chicken broth pasta with frozen veggie mix


b- Oatmeal with blueberries and brown sugar; fruit smoothies
l- Leftover ham, cheese slices, and oranges
d- Home Made Pizza (or takeout if coupon) with cherry tomatoes and mozzarella pieces


b- Scrambled eggs, buttered toast and bananas
l - Leftover pizza and cherry tomato mixture
d- BBQ Pork Steaks, baked beans, salad, homemade bread


b-Out (Cindy’s or McD’s)
l-Applesauce, cottage cheese and leftovers (if none, then PBJ)
d-Spaghetti Carbonara, cherry tomatoes & mozzarella pieces w/ basil and olive oil, and buttered bread


Lynette said...

Yummy menu! You are so creative with your lunches!!!

The Bennights said...

Look at you being so organized! You are going to handle three just fine.

Love ya!


Thanks! I stole practically the whole thing from your blog! LOL!