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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bedtime Rituals

We have done lots of things to put our kids to sleep over the years, none of them "recommended." Nursing, bottles, long car rides, rocking, bouncing, etc...But, the latest for Caden is taking a little stroll around the neighborhood. It is foolproof in getting him to sleep and also gives mom a little workout. Here's Caden before the walk and after about a block and a half. He then transfers quite well to his crib for a good two hour nap! Yippee! Finally a bedtime ritual that doesn't rot anyone's teeth or increase ozone depletion.

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Sweet Talk said...

I love it! For a long time the only way to get Ryan to take a nap was to put him in his carseat and drive around the block a few times and once he was asleep we would come home,take the carseat out of the truck and prop it against the wall in the front room where he would sleep for hours. Sometimes you just have to do what works. :)