When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; And through the rivers, they will not overflow you. Isaiah 43:2

Sunday, February 17, 2008

A Good Sunday

Today was a nice day. A great message from pastor Ron about getting involved in fellowship and small groups that really has us thinking and praying and a lovely afternoon of sunshine (70 degrees!) and family. We are contemplating leading a small couples group in our home, but can't tell if it's God's will for us just yet.

Kya has a new friend down the street with whom she spent the better part of the day. Her name is Abby and she is five. She loves Kya and they play SO nicely together. They played at our house for a few hours this afternoon and it was so nice to hear the sounds of THREE kids running around...:)

I led worship with Scott (not hubby, a different one) and Adam at The Hub this evening which was a blast as usual. We sang "Amazing Love" and " Marvelous Light" among others, and it was so great to jam with those guys! (You can hear Adam's Hub song by clicking the link to the right--you might have to download the player, but it's worth it! He's hilarious.)

The Haners watched the kids for THREE LONG HOURS!!!! (Scott had a basketball meeting) so Scott and I had our own separate kidless activites this evening which was a nice change of pace. THANKS AGAIN IN-LAWS...I think every post could just be an ode to my in-laws. They rock!

Tomorrow's a holiday so there are many possibilities--maybe we will go visit friends in Fresno...we are praying about how to best help them as their 8 week old struggles with infant botulism. She is making a remarkable recovery, but has been in the hospital for sooo long. We want to help but can't decide how best to help. Of course we are constantly praying, so that's the most powerful help, but what else to do...hmmm. Scott is getting a cold so we don't want to expose them to that by going up there. Any ideas? We could send something there...like flowers or candy...doesn't seem personal enough...we will pray about this more. Good night all! Sooo sleepy...Prayer for them please!!!


Raquel said...

you do have the best in-laws! that is so great! how exciting to get involved in ministry as a couple!

Lynette said...

I did not know that you lead worship, Tara, that is so cool. I will be praying for your friends baby!