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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Wyatt's diagnosis

Our wonderful pediatrician saw the kids today and diagnosed Wyatt with Croup. She took one listen to his barky cough and knew right away what we were dealing with. She is so awesome and she really loves the babies. Sometimes I really think she wants them to feel better just as much as I do. She also gave us the name of a new diaper rash cream (at least new to us) which has already diminished his rash 50% (NOTHING has worked on it til now). Here's a link to an article describing croup: tp://www.kidshealth.org/parent/infections/bacterial_viral/croup.html.
While at the pediatrician's office, Wyatt was given a breathing treatment (this did not go over well with him.) He has since received his first dose of steroids and another breathing treatment and seems to be breathing easier. Poor little guy. Last night he could barely inhale and his cry was barely audible because of his lack of ability to breathe. I stood in the hot shower with him and coated him in Baby Vick's (only to learn later that Vick's is not recommended by our pediatrician.) He still struggled to smile as I sang to him and nursed him throughout the night.

After such a crazy night and day, I was exhausted. My sweet Scott put both kids to bed by himself! Thanks honey! After all the drugs, Wyatt just kind of nodded off on his daddy's shoulder. How precious. Scott's feeling terrible as well so I am the last one standing! Thank you Lord that I am well enough to care for my family in their time of need. It is truly an honor. I just wish I could fix everybody. Please keep us in your prayers.

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