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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Issues with the Haner Babies

We've got some issues with the Haner kids lately. The kids aren't sleeping and Kya is pushing Wyatt regularly despite consistent and swift discipline. I feel like we have tried everything. I am soooooooooo sleepy from getting up 4-6 times a night to nurse Wyatt and/or put Kya back in bed. They both go right back to sleep thankfully, but man oh man, it gets tiring.

Issue two: Kya pushes Wyatt often and his head hits the floor often. I am getting worried that he's going to have a concussion or some other serious problem. We have spanked, time outed, yelled, discussed, and done them all again and again and nothing works. She just keeps doing it! It makes me SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO mad and sad.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.


bmw100@lycos.com (Beamer) said...

Tara, I wanted so bad to answer you on this last night when I read your plight, but I didn't have an answer. So I asked my wife. She couldn't come up with anything either. For us, you are in uncharted water.
About all I can do is pray for you to find the strength and wisdom and sleep to get through this and find a solution to your predicament.
Raising kids can be such a challenge at times.
I guess I don't need to tell you that.

Good luck and May Gods love wash over you in ever so gentle waves.

The Bennights said...

So sorry about the issues. I am having the same sleeping problems with Emma and Izzie. Lucky you they go right back to sleep. Nursing through the night is tough. Hang in there.

I have no suggestions for the pushing. Emma was throwing things at the baby, but it seems to be better now. Is she getting enough mommy time? You are an amazing mom, so I'm sure that's not the case. You will get through this. I will pray for you in the mean time. :)



I finally let Wyatt cry it out last night and he slept through til morning praise the Lord! On the pushing issue, you are right on about the attention thing since it happens most when Scott and I are trying to discuss something or I am on the phone. All prayers are appreciated. I will pray for you as well. :)

Mia said...

Tara Darling,
I just read this blog and was thinking. I am going thru a lot of the same things with Emili and nothing seems to work at least not very consistantly. Then it hit me, she can't do this forever. Repetition is what they need right now as they are testing waters and learning. Pick one consequence and stick to it. I have done such drastic things too including bagging all of her toys and putting her outside for a second . But for me at least just realizing that this is a stage and that I will get thru this, made me a lot calmer with everything and less stressed. And then showing her what big girls do and rewarding her immensely for doing good and being nice. I know that you have a lot of strength. Just hang in there, it will end soon enough. Better now than teenager (learned from another parent)lol.